Academically selective schools in Craftia are secondary schools which can only be attended by students who have passed the Academic School Entrance Exam (also known as ASEE or the AC test). There are a total of 208 academically selective schools in Craftia , spread over Selective (public) and Grammar (private) schools. Grammar schools may not be religious, however private schools with a grammar class (partial grammar schools) may be religious.

Academic Schools by state/territory

State/Territory Fully Academic Partially Academic Total
Addams 25 10 35
Bankera Capital Territory 3 2 5
Berhardsson 10 6 16
Jagsland 4 1 5
Jebsten 27 13 40
Kagstron 17 8 25
Lumina 4 3 7
Meyang 26 12 38
Western Craftia 18 11 29
Wintaro 4 4 8
Total 139 69 208

Academic School Entrance Exam

The ASEE is a standardised test which is taken at the end of term 1 in year 6. It consists of an English paper, general ability paper, mathematics paper and a writing paper. The same test is taken in all tests and for both selective and grammar schools.

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